As flu season starts.

As flu season starts, Ebola fear might fill up ERs As Ebola ignites fear of a widespread outbreak, it’s easy to overlook the fact a common illness in fact poses a far more serious threat to a large number of people in the U doses-and-side-effects.html .S. Every full year the flu kills between 3,000 and as many as 49,000 Us citizens, the guts for Disease Control and Prevention reports. In October Flu time of year starts, and it remains to be seen how serious this year’s flu period will turn out to be. However in a mild season even, the flu requires a deadly toll. The flu is simple to dismiss, especially among young healthy adults who think that they are able to just ‘fight’ the condition, Dr.

Prof. Stephen Hawking has also warned that humanity faces a possibly dangerous future as technology significantly learns to think for itself and adjust to its environment and environment. Previously this year, the renowned physicist discusses Jonny Depp’s most recent film Transcendence, which delves right into a world where computer systems can surpass the abilities of humans, the Daily Mail reported. Hawking said that merely dismissing the film as only science fiction could be the worst mistake ever sold. .. Artificial Intelligence ‘more dangerous than nukes,’ warns technology pioneer Elon Musk Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla Motors, maker of electric automobiles, is one of the driving forces behind super-intelligence computers that could eventually improve almost everything – – from alternatively powered autos to space travel.