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As they split, the medications kill them, causing numerous unwanted effects. Common Side Effects AND JUST WHY They Occur Two of the most common side effects connected with chemo are nausea and hair thinning. Nausea might be caused, partly, by the death of healthful cells in the stomach’s lining. These cells usually split more quickly than other healthful cells in the body, and therefore are targeted by the chemotherapy drugs. This is the case with the cells that define hair follicles also. Because they split, the medications kill them, causing the patient’s hair to fall out.We’ve shown that people can manufacture and offer validated human iPS cell-derived terminally differentiated cardiomyocytes in the quantity and quality required by our clients. We look forward to growing this item with our pharmaceutical customers and developing collection extensions of iCell Cardiomyocytes, including panels with multiple iPS starting materials, in addition to launching additional iPS cell-derived iCell products.’ James Thomson, chief scientific officer of CDI, stated, ‘Rapid program of stem cell technology has been a goal both of my laboratory at the University of Wisconsin and CDI.