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Through a collaboration with Nektar Therapeutics , BAX 855 leverages proprietary PEGylation technology made to extend the period of activity of proteins in your body. This proprietary technology offers been utilized for over a decade in several approved medicines that deal with chronic or significant conditions.. Baxter seeks FDA acceptance of BAX 855 for treatment of individuals with hemophilia A Nektar Therapeutics reported that partner Baxter International Inc. Today announced that the business offers submitted a biologics permit application to america Food and Medication Administration for the authorization of BAX 855, an investigational, extended half-existence recombinant aspect VIII treatment for hemophilia A predicated on ADVATE [Antihemophilic Element ].. Collaborating with scientists at environmentally friendly Protection Company and the National Institutes of Wellness, they found proof erionite in rock materials used to pave roads in North Dakota and various other states. Public health concerns have been raised and the team’s examination proceeds together with the EPA. Results from a new detailed study were shown at a recently available scientific meeting and are pending publication in a leading scientific journal. The National Institutes of Health has planned a meeting this fall to discuss potential public health issues related to erionite exposure.’.. Canada should prohibit disclosure of fetal sex until 30 weeks of pregnancy Canada should prohibit disclosure of the sex of a fetus until after 30 weeks of pregnancy to combat woman feticide which is practised by some ethnic groupings in Canada and america, claims an editorial in CMAJ .