Affecting and relating to the Angiotech Entities.

Angiotech documents Second Amended and Restated CCAA Plan of Set up or Compromise Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc viagra generic here . today announced that regarding the its previously announced creditor security proceedings beneath the Companies’ Creditors Set up Act , it and specific of its subsidiaries filed with the Supreme Courtroom of British Columbia the next Amended and Restated CCAA Plan of Compromise or Arrangement concerning, affecting and relating to the Angiotech Entities . Beneath the conditions of the Amended Program, the deadline for affected lenders of the Angiotech Entities ) with claims higher than $5,000 but less than or add up to $31,250 to elect to receive $5,000 in cash in satisfaction of their claims has been extended to the date that is 10 days following the sanctioning of the program by the Court.

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