A second layer formed on the upper side of the modification 5-mC.

In 2009, a second layer formed on the upper side of the modification 5-mC, with the discovery that 5-HMC mouse brain mouse brain and particularly abundant in Purkinje cells of the cerebellum. Of the cerebellum. While previous researchers had reported the presence of 5 – HMC in human and animal DNA samples, current methods did not allow them to distinguish between 5-mC and 5 – HMC.

Laparoscopy is great, but not all surgeons do it , it is not easy to do, it is technically advanced, ‘says Erica Moran, Mayo surgeon and researcher. ‘But it has already been shown that there are many benefits if we non-invasive method. To people who can actually make you very ill ‘.. This process is called natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery . The aim is ultimately to limit the physiological effects on the patients. During endoscopic repair limited the amount of the anesthetic used in the distant future , it can be carried out without anesthesia , thus limiting a possible procedural side effect.Poster Session II Course Number: 4493 – hypertensive, card number: 654 M. Khurram Faizan, Ghazi G. Husayn, Siraj Amanullah. Publication 4493.10.