A potential new treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Cladribine Geared to Become First Oral Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis Serono and IVAX Company has announced excellent results from two clinical trials with a new proprietary oral formulation of cladribine, a potential new treatment for multiple sclerosis . The study results showed that the formulation of oral cladribine which includes been developed by Serono and IVAX provides fulfilled the targets for an orally administered product, with blood levels of cladribine in the expected therapeutic range. Efficacy research of oral cladribine in MS patients are planned to start out late 2004. Previous Phase II and Stage III clinical trials have demonstrated the positive aftereffect of injectable cladribine in individuals with MS. In these trials, cladribine triggered a dramatic decrease in new lesion advancement in the mind as noticed on magnetic resonance imaging scans.Rhesus monkeys are used for a bunch of different biomedical applications, including studies of HIV and influenza viruses. For such studies, those on drug therapies especially, which often now go straight from mouse to individual testing, the addition of a chimeric monkey model will be a essential bridge for vetting the potential translation of results to humans. Image courtesy of Oregon Health & Science University.. Bristol-Myers Squibb to examine key accomplishments at meeting with investment community Today During a ending up in the investment community, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company provides a comprehensive business overview, highlight positive pipeline advancements and provide 2013 minimum non-GAAP earnings per share guidance.