A pharmaceutical cannabis company.

, a pharmaceutical cannabis company, is very happy to report to their shareholders that the decision of our initial cannabis-structured pharmaceutical for FDA medical trials has been made. The Company has reported several possible drugs for FDA clinical trials. Appropriate announcements will be made when the agreements are finalized. In the next couple of days we shall announce more specifics concerning our first FDA program. Robert Melamede, President & CEO Cannabis Technology Inc.The pores are would have to be clogged a little after washing otherwise dirt and pollutants can easily enter in your skin layer. Use toner: Twice weekly, after washing your face, you can apply facial toner on your face. It also helps in reducing the size of your pores and helps to keep your face moisturized. Moisturize: Never omit your face dry too long after washing. If it’s a habit of yours then change it. It is necessary to moisturize that person after pat drying with a towel immediately; otherwise you will encounter itchiness in your skin layer throughout the day. Along with that, if you keep on with this habit for lengthy then it could cause good lines in your derm. Use Avene face creams for perfect hydration of your derm.