A person may have all or only some of the described characteristics.

Asperger’s Syndrome Symptoms An individual`s symptoms and level of functioning can range from mild to severe. A person may have all or only some of the described characteristics. They could exhibit more complications in unstructured social settings or new circumstances that involve sociable problem-solving skills ?power erection read more . Social complications Although these children may express an interest in friendships, they have difficulty in keeping and making friends and may be rejected by peers; often these kids are loving and affectionate with their instant familySocially inappropriate behavior for his or her ageLack of understanding of age appropriate public cues including gestures and nonverbal communicationDifficulty judging personal spaceDifficulty understanding others` emotions or showing empathyRigid interpersonal behavior due to an inability to spontaneously adapt to variations in sociable situationsAbnormal communication patterns Awkward or inappropriate body language, including limited use of gestures and absent or inappropriate facial expressionsUnusual, formal style of speakingDifficulty understanding implied and nonliteral communicationImpairments in the modulation of volume, intonation, inflection, rate, and rhythm of speechSpeech may be tangential and circumstantial , frequently including irrelevant commentsConversation style characterized by marked wordinessDifficulty with give and consider of conversationLack of sensitivity approximately interrupting othersActivities Intense curiosity in a particular, often very restricted, or immature subject matter that dominates the person`s attentionInflexible adherence to routines; offers repetitive routines or ritualsApprehensive about change, may have a problem transitioning from one activity to anotherSensory sensitivity in a few individuals with Asperger`s syndrome Excessive sensitivity to sound, touch, taste, light, sight, smell, discomfort, and/or temperatureExcessive sensitivity to the consistency of foodsMotor skill delays in some people with Asperger`s syndrome History of delayed advancement of motor skillsVisible clumsiness and poor coordinationDeficits in visual-engine and visual-perceptual abilities, including problems with stability, manual dexterity, handwriting, fast actions, rhythm, and imitation of movementsPeople with Asperger`s syndrome can possess other associated psychiatric circumstances or may display behaviors that are common for other circumstances.

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