A Chicago public college.

And collaborative tools. DOE Associate Deputy Secretary Jim Shelton and International Association of K-12 Online Learning CEO Susan Patrick toured VOISE Academy as a model college prepared to manage H1N1-related issues, including complete shutdown. VOISE Academy can be an educational blueprint for technology use in twenty-first hundred years classrooms and beyond, using computer systems and digital curriculum assets daily. Click here for more on H1N1 preparedness and how Educational Equipment and School Town might help. System implementation can take just days, yet impact amazing long-term advancement in how educators coach, and how learners learn..All privileges reserved. Neither of the parties endorse or suggest any commercial products, services, or equipment.

COBRA health insurance subsidies waiting for Senate action Kaiser Health News staff article writer Andrew Villegas writes: People recently let go are waiting – – once again – – to hear if indeed they will meet the requirements to get subsidies to stay on their employer’s medical health insurance. The subsidies are component of an expansion of jobless benefits that the Senate is taking into consideration.