5 million lead therapeutic compounds per run.

Arrayit markets third advanced microarray manufacturing system to UT Southwestern Arrayit Company announced today that it has sold a third advanced microarray production system to the University of Texas Southwestern INFIRMARY in Dallas. The NanoPrint LM60 Microarrayer equipped with Arrayit’s Patented Microarray Production Technology is usually a computer-driven robotic microarray manufacturing program that allows the screening of just one 1.5 million lead therapeutic compounds per run, and the NanoPrint LM210 enables a lot more than 5 million. UT Southwestern will use the NanoPrint LM60 to screen huge libraries of potential therapeutic little molecules involved in cancer and heart disease.More than 15 years of research led to 58 crops samples becoming imported from countries like China, Kenya, Tanzania and the U.S., with the first large-scale field testing executed by the south Mozambique branch of the International Potato Center , a global research-for-development organization focused on tubers and roots. More than a decade of research results in natural, orange-fleshed sweet potatoes resistant to drought and large rains Eight types were identified by the CIP as making great yields, according to reviews; however, the research wasn’t always smooth sailing.